Accepting applications in Portland, Seattle, and FMTY

Please compose your message with the following information:


I offer two methods of verification to confirm a booking —references from reputable BDSM professionals / independent companions or discreet employment verification. Either method is used to help ensure the safety and discretion of us both & both methods require ID verification. If additional information is needed to complete verification — you can rest assured, your information will always be handled with the utmost prudence and respect and is properly disposed of upon completion of screening.


A minimum of 2 recent references from BDSM professionals or independent companions is required.
References must be relevant and within one year of the last meeting.
Be sure to include the following for reference verification —companion name, email, website/ad, approximate date you last


Please include the following:

  • company name + your position / title
  • company website + your direct link/profile
  • company main phone line + your direct extension
  • your company email
  • a cover story for when I call at our arranged time

If you are a member of any online client screening sites (ie. FetLife) –  please be sure to include your member ID or username along with your email. These screening tools do not replace the necessary screening requirements — however, they are wonderful additions to include.

Now is your chance to make an impression, so go head tell me a bit about yourself…

  • What is your prior experience with BDSM?
  • Please include a detailed list of your interests:
  • Please include a detailed list of your hard limits:
  • Do you have any injuries, mobility issues, allergies, or anything else that I should be aware of?

Please be aware that a non-refundable 50% deposit is required for all engagements.