Professional Keeper of Secrets


Based in Portland, Oregon, Evora Eden is an intelligent, cultured temptress who knows just what buttons to push. Most at home with a sub dutifully at her feet, eagerly awaiting her command. She is naturally sensual but sadistic at heart; she is no stranger to the world of taboo and enjoys a wide range of fetishes.

From sensual worship to extreme punishment, This will be your chance to prove yourself worthy. Towering at 6 feet tall without heels, this voluptuous Amazonian Goddess will lure you into her grasp and never let go. Equipped with the understanding that for many submissives, slavery is a cathartic escape from vanilla life she is your architect into the world of fantasy.

Truly a living embodiment of the Goddess archetype, she will always remind you of your rightful place- at her feet. Intriguing by nature, she provides an opportunity to serve and submit.

Think you’re worthy to worship? Apply here.

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