Work with me to create your perfect fantasy come true. Let me know all of your kinks and curiosities and I will use my imagination to conjure up the most thrilling experience possible. I am also more than happy to see subs that are new to the scene and would like a more subdued, guided experience. If you are unsure of your pain tolerance then you may request a safe-word. I will only ever play under the guise of Safe Sane Consensual (S.S.C) Risk Aware Consensual Kink (R.A.C.K.)


The following is a guide to help you acclimate to my style of communication and connection. This is a dynamic that will revolve around my interests and desires. Before you apply for a session you must read and memorize the following protocol guide. If you do not comply with my protocol at every stage of the vetting process there’s no other way to engage my professional services. 

Study this guide a few times throughout our initial correspondence to ensure that you are familiar with my preferences. Expect that you may be corrected and disciplined until your correspondence meets My standards.


1. I respond to “Goddess” and “Mistress”, (note capitalization). Not “Ms.Eden” not “Evora” and certainly no pet names like “Hun,” or “Baby.” Addressing Me this way is to be observed at all times and in all communication.  I expect a “Yes, Goddess” or “Yes, Mistress” confirmation in every direction whether by text, email, or in person.

2. I am a Dominatrix, not a friend, partner, or romantic conquest, and casualness in correspondence from My submissives is a big turn-off.

3. If you contact Me, wait until I respond before you reach out again. Multiple messages at a time tells Me you are impatient and expect this dynamic to revolve around you and your desires, which will not be tolerated.  

4. Keep the same email thread when emailing Me, this keeps My inbox tidy. 


5. Same-day requests are not an option.

6. Canceling/rescheduling a confirmed session outside a 48-hour window means you forfeit your deposit. If your rescheduling request falls within a minimum of 48 hours notice, I will honor your deposit for up to 30 days. No exceptions.

7. Time wasters will not be tolerated, and no-shows will be automatically blacklisted.


8. A financial tribute is non-negotiable & a deposit is mandatory. Monetary tribute is an exchange of power and a form of showing Me respect. Once you receive tribute details and instructions, send them no later than 24 hours before our scheduled appointment. If I do not receive it I assume you are forfeiting your place in My schedule. 

9. Tributes & deposits are receivable via Cashapp or Venmo. Cash is preferred for in-person training.


10. Remember meeting a Dominatrix for the first time is akin to a job interview, be prepared.

11. You may never touch me without expressed orders and consent. 

12. I will not disrobe during any sessions – I operate in a strictly Clothed Female, Nude Male  (CFNM) scenario. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

13. Proper hygiene and cleanliness are paramount. When you take the time to properly groom yourself it shows me that you respect Me and yourself. This means head-to-toe shower, cleaning under your fingernails, washing your hair, brushing and flossing, wearing clean clothes, and if engaging in anal play you must prep fully and thoroughly.

14. Requests for specific outfits/costumes may be honored with additional tribute. You may make these requests in the notes section of my application form.

15. I do not tolerate ‘topping from the bottom,” and if I feel that you are perpetrating this or any other kind of rude behavior, I withhold the right to terminate our appointment. I will not tolerate any disrespectful communication, snarkiness, or back-talk.

16.  On the day of our session make sure you are well rested, hydrated, and have eaten no longer than 1 hour from our appointed time. Do not come to a session hungover.

17. I am highly sensitive to artificial fragrances. ABSOLUTELY NO COLOGNE/PERFUME.

18. I expect you to arrive for our appointment exactly on time. Not early, and certainly not late. If you arrive early you will have to wait until your appointed time starts. 

19. If you believe you may be late for our appointment, you must let me know as soon as possible by email and/or by text or phone call. Once 15 minutes have passed, I will be obliged to start deducting time from our appointment. If you are more than 30 minutes late you forfeit the session and deposit. 

20. For safety reasons, I withhold the right to send away any individual that arrives at the dungeon that I deem under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.
(This includes all substances including cannabis.)

21. Once you enter the space I will direct you to the bathroom to wash your hands. Then we will sit down and briefly go over the details of our session. For both of our safeties, I do not renegotiate once play begins, if that is necessary then the scene will be stopped to discuss. 

22. I believe in the importance of after-care, but I also respect that some people are not looking for this additional time within the appointment. If you think that you would like a short time to unwind with me after our appointment to enjoy a drink and a chat – be it a kind of ‘debriefing’ or something entirely different, please check the aftercare box in my application form and I will arrange this.

23. If you have requested aftercare (on my application form) then that will take place during your allotted session time.

24. I play under the guise of Safe Sane Consensual (S.S.C) Risk Aware Consensual Kink (R.A.C.K.)

25. Consent is paramount. Read my limits listed below. 


  2. Nudity on My behalf
  3. Sexual services
  4. Race play
  5. Scat play
  6. Bottoming/switching on my behalf
  7. Misogynistic play scenarios
  8. Anything non-consensual/involving non-consenting parties


  • Honest communication

  • Respect and consideration

  • Follow rules, directions, and protocol 


  • Honest communication

  • Respect and consideration

  • Enforcement of rules, protocols, and boundaries

  • My time, attention, skillset, and expertise in relation to our dynamic and our designated time together

  • a shame-free space to play and explore