For a truly exquisite and erotic experience, there is no one who can surpass Goddess Evora Eden.
Immediately drawn to both her exotic and sensual beauty and her commanding presence, I was certainly not disappointed when I finally met her in person. She made me feel at ease from the first video call, as she takes the time to get to know you before a session, building trust while taking the time to learn your weak points, your secret fantasies, your taboo fetishes. But don’t let her friendly, charming, easygoing, girl next door manner fool you….. Goddess Evora will waste no time in bringing you to your knees. From the moment She walked into the room, I was mesmerized by her statuesque beauty, her sensual curves, her porcelain skin, her piercing eyes, her easy and natural air of dominance. A High Priestess of Kink, Goddess Evora is an exquisite and unforgettable Domme with a keen intellect, a deviant mind, and a face that could launch a thousand ships. She effortlessly guided me through a smorgasboard of sensual pleasures—an intoxicating mixture of kinky girlfriend experience, sensual domination, and quasi-hypnotic Tantric practices—culminating in an explosive and unforgettable finish, all while keeping me firmly under her spell.   Goddess Evora left me feeling euphoric, enchanted, and wanting more.   She is truly a woman of class and distinction–a Fetish Queen, a Diva of Dominance–a true professional who clearly approaches her craft not merely as a job, but as a passion.  Approach her at your own risk, though.  She may be habit-forming.
- J

“I did two sessions and the overall experience was magical and awesome. I have had FemDom fantasies for over 20 years but I never had much experience as a sub with a ProDomme. During the first session, I was nervous and tensed thinking about how it would work out because I was only a beginner and You were very experienced. But later my nervousness was gone because You kept communicating and listening carefully to me during the scene and provided the best experience. Honestly, You are very gorgeous, have a sweet commanding voice, a natural dominant, and most importantly have a passion for what You are doing and to learn about different interests. I thought we always had wonderful chemistry, as a natural sub, I was able to connect with You since You are a natural Domme. After spending some time with You, I also realized that You are a very nice, sweet, down-to-earth human being. At one point, You put me into deeper submission and all of a sudden I was a different person and I did the things that I won’t do normally. You really helped me push my limits and explore my submissive side and I became very happy after that. Thank you for the wonderful sessions and the things You have left both on my body and mind to cherish for a longer time when I left I felt so much inner energy bursting out and a very relaxed mind. I look forward to seeing You again and my dream is to surrender to You totally and serve You 24/7 someday. Thank you once again for the sessions.”

- Steve

“At the end of December in London, I had the privilege of having two great sessions with Goddess Evora Eden. We had never met before although we had texted a bit, and as we talked beforehand I found we easily jelled, with Mistress so easy to talk to and get along with, she quickly put me at my ease and I found myself completely relaxed. Mistress explained her experiences, requirements and her favourite activities, and she was keen to hear mine, which nowadays is frequently not the case, with many dommes doing what they want. I have been a regular player over the previous 40 years, I have had very many sessions and it did not take long for me to realise that Goddess Evora was at the top amongst the best of the Mistresses I have got to know and is very professional. When having a first session with a Domme it is essential to put a lot of trust into that lady and I quickly realised that it would not be misplaced, even though this was my first session for a while...” 

- Your besotted slut, Jim

“I thought I had found my submissive side before but when we started playing it opened up a whole side of me I wasn’t aware of. Letting you have complete control over me was entirely new and exciting and mind-meltingly fun. I felt I’d found something I didn’t know I wanted. My mind keeps wandering back to it over and over…”


Goddess Evora’s time is a gift beyond measure ~ if you ever, ever have the chance to see Her, you will never forget Her. She re-oriented my own desires, and I forever treasure Our times together, and, I very much hope, Our excruciating times to come.

– W

“Goddess Evora Eden is phenomenal! She is very skilled at what She does. She is very thorough and inventive and exacting in what She wants. We had a great consultation, very thorough, in which we shared our interests and desires for the session. From the very beginning, she put me at ease and I could tell She truly cares about Her subs and it’s obvious She
loves what She does. From the beginning of our scene, Goddess Evora set a steady pace throughout out, pushing me to the edge of my limits the whole time. Everything else fell away; my world became Goddess Evora and I could only focus on obeying and serving and pleasing
Her. It was blissful, fulfilling, and truly an honor and a privilege getting to worship Goddess Evora. I encourage everyone to hurry up and book an appointment with Goddess Evora Eden as She’s going to be one of the great premier Dommes out there. Overall it was an amazing experience that I won’t ever forget.”


“Goddess Evora Eden is an incredible woman to serve under. She knows what she wants and how to make you surrender to her command. It was a priviledge to worship her and obey her commands. I only hope I can have more experiences with her in the future.” -Slave Boy Gator

“…Mistress Evora can be so sadistic as well as very understanding, and that laugh at my discomfort…just priceless. I cannot wait for the next session, I have found a truly superb Dominant and lovely beautiful lady. I may have to go to Seattle or chase her round the world, I am smitten by this truly stunning lady!

-Your besotted slut, Jim